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German neo-Nazis: We're pro-Israel, condemn anti-Semitism

Nazis against anti-Semitism? As bizarre as that sounds, a group of Germans which calls itself "National Socialists For Israel" launched its Web site in support of Israel.

"Stop the hatred of the Jewish people," the Web site reads. "The Jews are a healthy, strong nation."

The organization - whose members have yet to reveal themselves to the public - claims that Israel's right to exist is anchored in the principles of social Darwinism, the same principles which the Nazis adopted prior to the Second World War.

"Israel earned the right to live among the nations [after emerging] from unending wars," the group writes on the site. "Israel also has a right to exist. This nation also has culture... The nation of Israel is appreciated... It is our duty, as neo-Nazis, to defend this supreme success. Not just for the German people and the European cultural sphere, but also, especially, for Israel."

As such, "Nazis for Israel" also leveled criticism at their colleagues in the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), calling them "politicos, cowards, and reactionaries."

"Show us proof of a Jewish plot to dominate the world," they wrote in a rare manifesto which was posted on their Web site.

These unusual statements on the internet compliment the group's other public campaigns, including the dissemination of bumper stickers. One of the stickers features a picture of Reinhard Heydrich, the senior Nazi official who chaired the Wansee Conference where the Final Solution was hatched. Underneath the photo reads: "As a Nazi, I'm a Zionist."

Another sticker shows a photo of Israel Defense Forces soldiers during the Second Lebanon War under the heading: "2,000 years of struggling to survive - respect to those worthy of it."

In terms of the group's attitude towards the Holocaust, the organization says: "We must view what is referred to as 'the Holocaust' within the context of acts of self-defense undertaken by nations under threat." It added, however, "that there is no justification for it." Instead, the Nazis ought to have supported the Zionist cause, the group states.

The group claims it held its first meeting of activists in Berlin last month. It said the meeting touched on issues ranging from "solidarity with Israel, anti-Semitism, capitalism, and Islam."



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Neo-Nazis for Israel

Experts divided on whether it may just be Left-wing provocation, but German neo-Nazi group declares support for Israel, Jews. 'A strong nation is worthy of life,' says group, 'respect those who have earned it'

Eldad Beck
Published: 06.04.08, 12:35 / Israel Jewish Scene

BERLIN – Shall wolves dwell with lambs? Israel received an unexpected surprise for its 60th birthday in the form of a new group rooting for its prosperity. The twist? They are neo-Nazis.

On May 15, the Gregorian date in which the State of Israel was established, a group called National Socialists for Israel launched its online manifest.

"A strong nation is worthy of life; an ailing nation deserves death," it said, before detailing an ideology sporting the traditional Nazi concept of purity of the race on the one hand, and calling on National Socialists to let go of their hatred for Jews and support the Jewish people's right to their own homeland on the other.

"Deportations, pogroms and inquisitions were all understandable acts which were carried out by nations merely trying to defend themselves," said the website of past persecution of Jews.

"That is also the context in which the event called the 'Holocaust' must be viewed… This does not justify it. Instead of destroying the Jews we should have taken every measure possible to support the Zionist movement."

The group goes on to harshly criticize the Nazi regime as the cause of the "unnecessary rivalry" between Germany and its "brethren neighbors," and slams the current leaders of Germany's extreme right as "cowardly reactionaries."

'Stop spreading lies'

"The Jewish people still exist. Their national movement, supported by brave warriors has been able to form a state and expel foreign elements… For 60 year now, an army of young men and women has defended Israel against all foes," said the site.

Further supportive messages called for the Nazi party to "stop spreading anti Semitic lies about a worldwide Jewish plot" and demanded of anti Semites to "show us proof of Jewish domination over Germany and the world."

The website also tells of a gathering which took place on May 25 and included panels on solidarity with Israel, anti Semitism, and how to counter "the growing Islamic presence in Germany and around the world."

The group's public relations department has begun distributing stickers in Berlin depicting Israeli soldiers carrying the Israeli flag with the slogan - "A 2000-year struggle for survival. Respect those who have earned it."

Social experts following Germany's extreme right are skeptical of the new group, with some saying it is the product of a radical Left-wing-led provocation. Others, however, believe it may be a genuine new movement.

"There have always been fringe groups within Nazism that have supported a national home for the Jewish people, but the fact that they have a positive attitude towards Israel does not make them any less anti-Semitic," said Anita Kahana, who heads an foundation in Germany working against extreme right-groups.

"Mostly, they are trying to stir an ideological provocation," she added.

Ilan Mor of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin was appalled to learn of the story.

"We can handle our enemies just fine, but God save us from friends like these," he said, calling the group "absolutely preposterous."

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Endlich ein Artikel von Euren Freunden aus Israel!
Na dann kann man ja mal abwarten, wann die ersten Gelder für Eure Stiefelleckarbeit aus dem Nahen Osten zu Euch fließen.
Aber auch nicht dumm:
Sich für Israel einsetzen aber die Immigratenwelle der Juden nach Deutschland bekämpfen.

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Der größte Feind des deutschen Volkes ist und bleibt der Jude!

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you're an arab squad wich want to descredibilize israel

fuck you bad nazislamists bastads you'll disappear

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Was kommt als nächstes?
Ein positiver Beitrag der "BRD"-Innenminister über Euch?
Ein Dankesschreiben von Charlotte K.?
Und der Hauptertrag Eurer Arbeit ist dann eine Reise nach Jerusalem?